by Jon Johnson

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Written and produced using the then new Korg OASYS synthesizer along with my other assortment of synths and gear.


released June 30, 2006



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Jon Johnson Damascus, Maryland

Hailing from the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States just outside Washington, DC, Jon Johnson has been working with his unique blend of Progressive Rock and Contemporary Electronic Music for 37 years. Since 1994 he has been recording and releasing original musical compositions on his own record label DuckWave Records. In 2001 he moved his studio across town and is now called Howard's Chapel ... more

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Track Name: Persisting Resistance
"Persisting Resistance"

Words & Music by John D Johnson

Though we've always heard that
Selfishness is wrong
Don't let the status quo
Change your mind for you
As a message of encouragement
Don't sell your self short of time
Keep a task of hauling your own
Commence assimilation

Go ahead multiply
Go ahead publisize
One thing certain is AI must die

Question authority
With regard to your well being
Caution the winds of time
With regard to your perceptions
And remember that others
Do not live by your transgressions

Time changing

Changing of the guard again
Hold on to what you know and love

©2006 Howard's Chapel
Track Name: Problematic

Words & Music by John D Johnson

Sad wings of destiny
Have lifted upon humanity
How to they is finished first
No one willing to stand in line
The votes are tallied
The numbers in
The thought occurs

It's man made
Your troubles are man made

Lines drawn in faint dischord
As a stormwatch brews
Evil works behind the lines
By design

And it's safe to say
The devil is man made
Your satan is man made

Down through all eternity
The saboteurs plant the seeds
Try as they will they cannot take our thoughts away

And it's safe to say
The devil is man made
Your satan is man made

©2006 Howard's Chapel
Track Name: Own It!
"Own It!"

Words & Music by John D Johnson

Shout if you will
But you see it just won't do
Empowered and aware
That the truth is not the truth

Time out of mind
Can you call it your own?
Time out of mind
Can you call it your own?

Shown by your aura
There's something not quite there
Is there any humanity
Left at all?
As you log on to growing new frontiers

Time out of mind
Could call it your own?
Time out of mind
Can you call it your own?

©2006 Howard's Chapel
Track Name: You Are!
Gonna shake my legs and jump for joy
Gotta clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy
Because I'm blessed
Yeah blessed
I know I am blessed
I am blessed
Yeah blessed

Got 12 guitars and a place to be
Can see so far as two rivers meet
Ain't talkin religion
Just feeling grateful
Yeah blessed
I know that I'm blessed
I'm blessed
Your blessed

Though we're aware
Of other's misfortunes
Most of us care
Because we know the wages
Not just by opening
Our wallets or purses
More to the faith
And less what it buys

If faith is a ritual
Then love is a verb
To return to the altar
To begin again, again, again...

guitar solo

Last time I told you
Faith is a ritual
No love included
Wash away standards
Be open hearted
To return to the altar again, and again, and, again

Your blessed
We don't know how we're blessed
I'm blessed
Your Blessed

Got all my toys
And my silicon beats
Connected by a thousand strands
Pointless to pause
To withstand the heat
Cause we're blessed
Yeah blessed

organ solo
Track Name: Appreciation
Track Name: When Life Invites
"When Life Invites"

Words & Music by John D Johnson

Shelly had a dream playing bass guitar
Menopause moments begin
Life interrupted by lover's leap
American Roulette again
Now she's content with her harley instead
Riding out on the weekends

Walk in to light
When life invites again

Joey had ambition
To play lead guitar
Learn how the big boys go
Now he's the QB on his high school
Fund raising fund to state
Just a little effort from Father time
Be a superstar today
for get about the arts
School spirits here
Gladiator's dream come true

Walk in to light
When life invites again

©2006 Howard's Chapel